BioPartner Center Maastricht accelerates growth of innovative Life Science companies within a clinical research environment.

7000 m² of laboratory and office space complete with all infrastructure

Shared laboratory facilities and licences regarding radiation and biological safety

GMP facility for human cell & tissue culturing and production of (bio) pharmaceuticals

Imaging facility with a 3T, 7T and 9.4T full body Siemens functional MRI scanner.

Access to research institutes and clinic within Maastricht University Medical Center.

The establishment of both start-ups and expanding life science companies within our incubators will help to create an elaborate and extensive network of life science business.

The Euroregion Meuse-Rhine, located on the border triangle of the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium is rapidly developing into a center for Life Sciences. Research institutes, educational facilities and businesses all work together on this innovation. BioPartner Center Maastricht takes a central position in this region at the Maastricht Health Campus. Our mission is to accelerate the growth of young lifescience companies by providing them an entrepreneurial climate within a research and clinical environment. BioPartner Center Maastricht aims at Biotechnology, Medical Imaging and Neuroscience companies.